Singular Earth #12, 1996
Lapis lazuli, lepidolite on glass, copper
24" X 18"
Collection of the artist

This site is currently being developed. I expect to have it fully fleshed out by Fall 2016 or thereabouts.

My moniker is an homage to Eric Orr, a seminal figure in the Light and Space movement with whom I had the privilege to apprentice with in Los Angeles as a young pup. Eric called his studio Orr Labs, and I shared his interest in ancient alchemists. In my case, it was not the alchemy itself that was interesting, but more the practice — that these protoscientists were trying to get fundamental answers by their independant exploration of the natural world versus an unquestioning adoption of a religious or theologic framework.

I'm looking to do the same using my rudimentary grasp of relativity, quantum physics and other basic sciences as subject matter fodder. As for the media, I'll keep to what I've focused on in the past; semi-precious stones, metallic leaf and (occasionally) controlled chemical reactions thereupon.

A note on photography: I will be uploading more examples as I get the images digitally prepared. Most of these works were sold into private collections, and my photography chops and equipment were a bit lacking back in the day these were made, so apologies for the somewhat rough images.  The paintings that I kept for myself have benefitted from better photography.

If you wish to contact me by email, you can do so at craig at syversonlabs dot com. I am currently developing a new body of work in New York City.