Long Beach, CA

1) College, Wall Street and spiritual drifting (1979 - 1985)

Pace University, New York, NY (Finance)
California State University Long Beach (Fine Art)

Employment and Affiliations:
The Carter Organization, New York, NY
Greenworld/Enigma Records, Los Angeles, CA
The Findhorn Foundation, Findhorn, Scotland
Buckminster Fuller Institute, Los Angeles, CA

2) Early career in fine art (1985 - 1992)

Lita Albuquerque, Los Angeles, CA
Eric Orr, Venice, CA

Gallery Representation:
The Works Gallery, Long Beach, CA
Deanna Izen Miller Gallery, Venice, CA
Lucy Berman Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

Awards, References & Publications:
Long Beach Press Telegram, Review of my solo show at the Works Gallery, Long Beach. 1987.
Review of Joan LaBarbara performance in Santa Fe, NM
The Art that Artists Collect, California Magazine, 1998
Cline, Nels. Angelica, Munich, Germany: enja records 1998. Album cover concept and photography.

3) Career shift to product design and media (1992 - 2017)

Employment and Affiliations:
frogdesign Comprehensive Generalist,  Menlo Park, CA
@cafe Founder, San Jose, CA
IDEO Discipline Lead, Palo Alto, CA
gruntmedia (archived website) Founder, Menlo Park, CA
This Week in Media Podcast co-host, San Francisco, CA
MacBreak Tech Podcast co-host, San Francisco, CA
bitmenu Design Director, Menlo Park, CA
Stanford University Faculty, Stanford Publishing Courses, Palo Alto, CA
VentureCast Podcast producer and co-host, Menlo Park, CA
The Lobby Conference Creative Director, Menlo Park, CA
Yahoo, Inc. UX Designer, Sunnyvale, CA
Apple, Inc. UX Designer, Cupertino, CA

Consulting Clients:
Tesla Motors On-line media strategy and presentation design, San Carlos, CA
Adobe, Inc. White paper authoring, San Francisco, CA
VeriSign, Inc. UX research for SSL Certificate website, Sunnyvale, CA
Savi Technolgies Presentaion design, Alexandria, VA
Global IP Solutions On-line media production and talent, San Francisco, CA
Nidek On-line media production and talent, Fremont, CA Presentation design, Petaluma, CA
graperadio Video and audio branding, Newport Beach, CA
mShopper Presentation design, Boulder, CA

Awards, References & Publications:
Muschamp, Herbert. Designs for the Next Millennium, New York Times Magazine, December 5, 1999.
Sutton, Bob. The Weird Rules of Creativity, Harvard Business Review, September 2001, 92.
Bronze Award, Environments, 2002 IDSA Design Award. Personal Skies, Museum of Modern Art, New York (Media design and installation).
Design Distinction Award, 2002 ID Magazine Annual Design Review. Personal Skies, Museum of Modern Art, New York (Media design and installation).
Nussbaum, Bruce. The Power of Design, Business Week, May 14, 2004, 64.
Kelly, Tom. Video Prototyping. In The Ten Faces of Innovation. New York: Doubleday, 2005.
Moggridge, Bill. Designing Interactions. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2007 (DVD design and authoring).
Syverson, Craig. Keynote ‘09 Essential Training. Santa Barbara, CA:, 2009.

More details relating to this period can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

4) Return to fine art (2018 - present)

Having recently moved to Venice, CA, I'm resurrecting my old studio and developing a new body of work. When completed, I will be seeking gallery representation again.