chemical drawings

Chemical drawings are controlled patinations of silver and copper leaf. They were the last body of work I had started on before ending the first phase of my art career. As such, only a few pieces were curated for sale, and many works remain mostly as sketches. I intend to explore this method further in my current phase.

The early works I made with copper, while beautiful, were difficult to stabilize, given copper's enthusiasm to react to the environment. Sealing the treated copper with a varnish only took away the iridescence, which was the main part of the appeal. Silver has proven to be more controllable and sealable with no loss of beauty, and became the focus of this work.

I initially created the patinas using the fumes of hydrogen sulphide (by way of an aqueous solution of ammonium sulphide). This process was highly toxic and cumbersome as a result. I later modified my technique to use Liver of Sulphur as the reactive agent, which is non-toxic in paste form.