Mineral Paintings

I refer to my first body of work with this name, as they were artifacts to be hung on a wall and commonly comprised of two different ground minerals and copper leaf.  They were made from 1996 to 1998.

The first series, Singular Earth, were intended not to provoke any metaphoric association or imagery – hence my choice of the square – which I found  to be the most emotionally neutral shape. I wanted to simply present the raw elements of the earth exhibiting their own phenomenology of color and reflection. Two later series, Paintings for the Angels, If Any and Jewel in the Lotus, were slightly more visually associative, but still keeping in the spirit of a minimalist presentation.


Typical mineral painting construction:

  1. Ground mineral adhered to the reverse side of glass sheet
  2. Copper leaf on paper behind the glass (and behind layer 1)
  3. Ground mineral adhered to the front side of the glass sheet
  4. Structure: bent sheet copper nailed to 3/4" lauan plywood backing

Singular Earth

Painting for the angels, if any

jewel in the lotus