SILK Paintings

I called my second body of work silk paintings as I used treated silkscreen to create a carrier for the media on the top surface as well as a diffusion element for the media that is carried on the structural piece of aluminum behind it. I was looking to make larger works that were significantly lighter than the glass and plywood mineral paintings. These also gave a chance to play with the juxtaposition of the spectral light of surface metal leaf with the diffused light of the metal leaf that was behind the silk.


Typical silk painting construction:

  1. Structure, back to front:
    a) aluminum sheet backing
    b) aluminum bar stock spacers (3/4" deep)
    c) stretched polyester silkscreen treated with matte medium
    d) aluminum frame

  2. Various media (ground minerals, dried flowers, chemical patination) and/or metallic leaf on back aluminum sheet
  3. Metal leaf on surface of stretched silk



SILK PAINTINGS (horizontal)