New York Times Capsule

The New York Times Magazine held a design competition in 1999 seeking concepts for a time capsule to commemorate the new millennium. On behalf of IDEO, Blaise Bertrand and I came up with this concept, which won us an Honorable Mention.

This excerpt of Herbert Muschamp’s article, Designs for the Next Millennium, from the New York Times Magazine of December 5, 1999, explains it well:

“By contrast with designs that would hide the capsule, the proposal from this Palo Alto, Calif., industrial design firm -- specifically, Blaise Bertrand and Craig Syverson -- purposely exposes it to grafitti and defacement. People would be encouraged to post, paste and paint on the six-foot kiosk that contains the capsule. Over centuries, the stainless-steel metal column would bulge with layers of protection -- and information.”

Click on the images below for a slideshow of the concept proposal.

New York Times Magazine article (includes link to audio interview with Blaise)

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